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For tailgates, fan days, post-season celebrations and more; SuperGames offers an extensive catalog to enhance your fan engagement! Whether you are looking for a sports game, or something more extreme, you can find the perfect piece for your event. Traditional sports games like Football Toss, Speed Pitch, Pop a Shot and Slap shot are a must have for your fans! Engaging items like the Zipline and Ballistic Swing make it a memorable party your fans will cherish! With experience working with teams from the NFL, MLS, NHL, MLB, and college athletics, we have great attractions for any big game! 


What goes better with Tailgating than buffalo wings and face paint? SuperGames!

With everything you need to get your fans ready for the big game there won’t be a fan leaving without a smile. There is a game for any kind of sporting event or activity such as football, basketball, axe throwing, you name it we have it! The interactive activities and inflatable options are endless and with over 30 years of experience SuperGames is the perfect option for game day.

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SuperGames is the company to turn to for Athletic Games, Activities, fun entertainment and Sports Arena Events. We have a huge variety of Sports Games and Activities for your Next Sporting event or Fan Experience! Whether you are looking for inflatables, or interactive activities, we have something great to offer to make your fan experience one of a kind!

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