Here at SuperGames it is our responsibility to take part in saving the planet. So far we have taken steps to make our front office more green, but we won’t stop there. We have created a sustainability team that will organize, educate and implement all of our new green initiatives. Some projects that our sustainability team has already begun work on include: changing all lights in the office to eco-friendly LED lights, putting recycling bins around the office to encourage recycling, adding real plants to the workspace, and more. Our sustainability team will also inform purchasing decisions on energy efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies.

We have many ideas on how to make our company more green including switching from one use plastic water bottles for staff to providing reusable water bottles for staff and a more eco-friendly way of providing water for hydration during events. We are also beginning our journey to going fully paperless. We have already converted our paystub process to online only and we plan on convert all of our day-of-event documents to digital form.

We are just beginning and there is still so much that we can do to better our planet, but here’s our start and we pledge to continue to learn and educate others on what they can do to better the planet.

We hope you can join us in taking this pledge to put a little more effort into adopting a green lifestyle.


The SuperGames team


The following website is a great resource for Columbus locals to use when unsure about how to recycle a specific item.

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