Nov 07, 2022

SuperGames at The IAAPA Conference

SuperGames goes to the IAAPA Conference!

The IAAPA conference is an annual conference that the SuperGames crew loves to attend! Next week, the crew will head to Orlando for the annual IAAPA Conference and Trade-show! This expo takes place at the Orange County Convention Center in mid-November every year, and it is a staple for SuperGames’ continued growth and success! 

What is IAAPA?

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is a trade association which covers every facet of the event and attractions industry. Though the organization has several expos hosted globally throughout the year, their Orlando expo is considered to be their premier trade show! From roller coasters and inflatables, to booking software and concessions, this expo showcases anything and everything an attractions company may need, and appeals to companies of all sizes!  “Fueled by a passion for fun, IAAPA Conference allows you to explore the sights, smells, tastes, sensations, and thrills of the amusement industry.  Professionals from the world’s most respected theme parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, museums, science centers, and attractions come to see innovation at work, connect with leaders, and source new products.”

Why is it such a big deal? 

SuperGames attends the IAAPA conference every year; the expo serves many purposes for the company! They get to see first hand some of the new and exciting products entering the industry, whether it be arcade, inflatable, hard ride or even infrastructural items! SuperGames gets to see these attractions and products featured in person, providing some inspiration and direction of the exciting additions they want to add to the inventory. SuperGames has long prided themselves on being up-to-date with the hottest items in the industry, as well as routinely adding fresh new items to their inventory. This ensures that clients always have the coolest activities and attractions to choose from when they book their events!

New attractions every year

SuperGames likes to add attractions and infrastructure year round, but IAAPA is a time when a lot of new purchases are made. Between getting to see brand new attractions being showcased, exploring activities that had not been considered, and getting deals from the expo vendors, it is an exciting and opportune time to expand the catalog! Some of SuperGames’ most popular items have been purchased through discovery at IAAPA; the portable Zipline, Iceless Ice Rink, Klime Wallz, Mini Melts, Ballistic Swing and countless others! Not only the fun activities, but even the booking software, InflatableOffice, was found while walking around the IAAPA exhibits! It is an exciting time for the SuperGames team to go and find all the exciting “NEW!” items that will be offered for the following year! 

Team Building in Orlando!

Beyond the thrill of the expo, it is also a big deal for SuperGames because of the company morale and team building. Most companies bring a few representatives, their owner and a few sales staff, to check out the exhibit hall and make company decisions. SuperGames is alone in their efforts to bring their entire full-time team; that is unheard of to most of their competitors! This year, the company will bring 17 staff; their largest team to date!  For the new staff it is truly an experience unlike any other to get immersed into all that the attraction industry has to offer! During the day, the crew will split up and walk the expo, talk with vendors, gameplan what attractions they would like to purchase, and much more! During the evenings, the team goes out on the Orlando strip for dinner and fun; they enjoy Top Golf, Bowling, Putt-Putt, the Orlando Eye and much more!

SuperGames staff is truly one of a kind,  a factor that keeps them at the top of the industry. While they are used to providing the fun for their wonderful clients, this is a time where they are able to go out and experience the fun for themselves!