Jan 24, 2022

SuperGames at NFL Tailgates

SuperGames Provides
Fan Fun on NFL Game-days!

The excitement of NFL Tailgates is universal. Boisterous crowds of fans enjoying themselves at their NFL tailgates, eager to watch their favorite team take the field. As game-time approaches, hoards of enthusiastic ticket holders make their way to the stadium to support their team; but the fun of game-day doesn’t stop between the tailgate and the stadium. Fan experience & engagement is at an all-time high as organizations bring activations to the outside of their stadiums. Supergames has the pleasure of working with 4 of these NFL organizations to bring safe fun to their fan zones!

GameTime!! NFL Tailgates Fan Experience

Whether you find yourself rooting for the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Detroit Lions, or the Pittsburgh Steelers, chances are that you will see SuperGames on site at home game-days. The goal is to bring fans to the stadium early and provide them with a free, safe, and fun atmosphere to enhance the game-day experience. Dawg Pound Drive in Cleveland, Jungle Zone in Cincinnati, Pride Plaza in Detroit, and Ford Fun Zone in Pittsburgh all provide a variety of great entertainment for their loyal fans.

Pride Plaza / Detroit Lions

Pride Plaza likes to bring the same thing out for all the NFL Tailgates; the Zip-line 300! Running down Adams Ave towards Ford Field, it is an item that thousands of fans will see as they make their way to the stadium. Each Lions home game, hundreds of fans take the time to experience this fun ride before heading into the stadium. In fact, it is a tradition for several groups of season ticket holders! There are a handful of groups who come to the Zip-line every single week before the game, even on Detroits annual Thanksgiving Day game!

Dawg Pound Drive / Cleveland Browns

Meanwhile, Dawg Pound Drive likes to switch things up every week! SuperGames has had nearly every activity imaginable outside of FirstEnergy Stadium during the last several years. The Zip-line, Ninja Warrior Courses, Jump Off, and even the Ice Rink have all seen action at Cleveland’s epic fan zone! The Browns are SuperGames’ longest standing NFL client, so Dawg Pound Drive has seen nearly every activity offering and is always excited to bring out the new items!

Ford Fun Zone / Pittsburgh Steelers

For the Steelers fans, you won’t see SuperGames on every game-day; however, Pittsburgh does host several Fan Days before the season starts with activities set up both inside and outside of the stadium. The Zip-line, obstacle courses, Putt Putt, and other favorites have been at their training camps for fans to enjoy.

Jungle Zone / Cincinnati Bengals

The Jungle Zone got a new location this past season. While SuperGames used to set up right outside the gates of Paul Brown Stadium, the Jungle Zone has since been moved just outside of The Andrew J Brady Icon Music Center. This fan zone offers a rotating assortment of tailgate games, Football Tossing games and Field Goal Kick each home game.

Sunday Funday – NFL Tailgates

SuperGames is a pro at providing safe game-day fun for kids and adults alike. Whether it is the Zip-line, football toss,  Ninja Warrior course, or one of their many inflatable activities,  the fan experience is taken to the next level at these NFL tailgates. The fans love it! For families, these activities provide a great opportunity for their kids to get more interaction leading up to the game, and truly enhance the family experience. But these activities are great for adult crowd as well, increasing the value of their game-day enjoyment. Be sure to swing by these fan zones at your next home visit to check out what SuperGames has to offer first-hand!