Mar 01, 2023

SuperGames Announces Happy Hour Rates for 2023 Event Planning


It’s everyone’s favorite time of the day… HAPPY HOUR! An amazing part of the day where individuals can enjoy their leisure, with a nice discount to boot. SuperGames is happy to announce they are now offering what they are referring to as “SG Happy Hours”. During the SG Happy Hours, current clients and new customers alike, can enjoy all of SuperGames with a reduced price tag.

The “SG Happy Hours” are active Monday through Thursday and take place from 11am to 4pm. SuperGames Clients can take advantage of a discounted rate when they book an event during the weekly business hours. This is an amazing way to get more for less! SuperGames can provide big fun during the day, whether it be at your office, campus, or daytime camp! 

  • Monday – Thursday only
  • Event hours are between 11am-4pm
  • 3-hour event or less only
  • 10% discount on the event (cannot be applied to other discounts)
  • Available April – October only

Get your Happy Hours on!

Looking to throw an event on a tight budget? The SG Happy Hour is a great way to make the most of your funding, and maximize your event impact! Clients can enjoy 10% off of the SuperGames catalog when they book during Happy Hours. SuperGames hopes to give its clients more opportunities to enjoy events that may otherwise be out of their budget. Whether that be by enhancing the event by booking additional activities, or by taking the opportunity to book extreme activities like the Zipline or Cyclone at a great price! The company’s goal is to give more flexibility to the clients in their event bookings. 

What does the SG Happy Hours Include? 

SuperGames is excited to begin offering SG Happy Hours! The happy hour discount applies a 10% discount to events that take place between 11am-4pm during the weekdays Monday-Thursday. This discount is applicable to events that are 3 hours or under and has a promotional period running from April-October 2023. *  

Just in time for the college crowd throwing a campus festival, and perfect for summer programming!  SuperGames is ready to enjoy Happy Hours with you. Book yours today!

*Events must meet event minimum requirements. Cannot be combined with other discounted offers. Does not include the cost of travel.