Jul 08, 2021

Field Days

SuperGames provides an
exciting send-off for schools all over Ohio!

The end of the school year has forever been an exciting time for young students and teachers alike. The school year is wrapping up, and summer fun is just around the corner. With most of the important curriculum and testing being wrapped up weeks before the last day of school, these final weeks are often different from the rest of the year. Schools use this time to keep students engaged while also rewarding them for a great year. For many primary schools, the pinnacle of this send-off is the highly-regarded FIELD DAY!

What makes a SuperGames Field Day so special?

“Field days” have been around; not a new concept for schools to host a fun day outside. Parent volunteers always remark how field day’s are so much different than they used to be: the P.E. department sets up various games around the school and the kids get to play outside all day. What SuperGames does differently is the incorporation of inflatable activities that really set the “WOW” factor. The roar of excitement of kids as they pull up to school in their Bus or Parent drop-off and they see the giant inflatables waiting for them is like no other. Big inflatables, games all over the field, colorful flags, and fun music playing really sets up the stage for an exciting day! The company has perfected their set up and structure over the years!


Field days have played a pivotal role in the growth and history of SuperGames. One of the first types of events they had provided, in fact! For over 2-decades, SuperGames has been providing these fun days for schools all over Ohio, especially throughout Columbus. Between May and June they service between 60-90 schools, typically 3-6 a day for a 5-week period! The whole company is dedicated to pulling off this month-long stint of events. Each event has its own unique crew: a “Host” or crew lead, and a group of staff. These crews spend time prepping their field day trailer with their selected inflatables and games, as well as all of the important infrastructural items necessary to pull off these fun days all week.

Sadly, schools were unable to have field days in the year of 2020. Although we missed that season last year, it  allowed the company to sit down and reevaluate the field day programs to make them less complicated and run smoother. As SuperGames welcomed back field days this year, we rolled out a new program to those schools that were able to hold field days and this season went off without a hitch!

What does a SuperGames Field Day look like? 

In years past, each school had their own unique field day layouts. Although similar in nature, maybe some schools needed 24 stations and wanted the entire school outside all day vs other schools that only needed 8 stations and split groups into AM and PM. It caused a lot of variability every day, and became a lot of logistical details to work out with school staff or PTO. In order to streamline field days, as well as making them safe following COVID, a new structure was born.

SuperGames field days come complete with 10 amazing stations! Although games are variable for each school the structure is identical: each field day will receive 6 inflatable stations, two “staple” SuperGames field games, and two additional  stations decided by the event host. The inflatable stations are rounded out with a bounce house, slide, obstacle course, interactive inflatable and two sports inflatables. The “staple” games include pedal carts and a cart-track, and a waterball-launcher station (a giant slingshot where kids can launch water balls into the field). Hosts can then decide their 9th and 10th stations between activities like Broom Ball, Homerun Derby, several water games, Muscle Race, and others. At the end, you have 10 great stations that will accommodate 10 classes for 1.5-2hours! This new structure has helped to provide better games, spread out classrooms, and make the planning process more consistent and streamlined between SuperGames and their contacts.

How can we reserve our own field day? 

You too can bring the fun to your school! SuperGames opens a sign-up link which offers schools the ability to reserve their Field Day on a first-come, first-serve basis.