Feb 17, 2023

Sales Conferences Season at SuperGames

Sales Conferences Season at SuperGames

SuperGames takes part in showcasing themselves several times throughout the year, at multiple different sales conferences and trade-shows for a variety of their clientele! Most of the big conferences happen between late October and early March, a time SuperGames fittingly refers to as “Conference Season”! SuperGames staff turn themselves into SuperGames Exhibitors, set up an amazing, eye-catching booth (parallelling the fun events they provide throughout the year), and have an opportunity to catch up with current clients, talk to new people, and generate business!


One of the largest conferences SuperGames is a part of is NACA, the National Association of Campus Activities. This puts SuperGames in front of all of their college clients, as well as new schools from all over. SuperGames attends two of these conferences a year; the NACA Regional conference in the fall, and NACA Live, the national conference, in the winter. These conferences host campus professionals and college students alike who are looking to bring fun programming to their campus!


NACA Regional places the company in front of schools from all over the midwest; this is an especially important conference because these are the colleges and universities that SuperGames provides events for the most; those in Ohio and in neighboring states! 


NACA Live is the national conference, where colleges and universities from all over the country attend! This conference usually takes the company to a fun, big city; past national conferences have been in Baltimore, Boston, Denver, here in Columbus, and this February it will take place in Louisville! 


SuperGames attends the OPRA, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association, conference in the winter. They showcase themselves to all of the cities and municipalities they provide events for throughout the year! SuperGames has also been lucky enough to sponsor activities for the conference’s social events at night.

Indiana Parks and Recreation Association (IPRS) and Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Association (PRPS) are other conferences that SuperGames attends for city event business. These conferences allow the company to put themselves in front of Parks and Recreation Professionals who plan large events like July 4th Celebrations, Summer Festivals, and Winter activities! 


ACUI, Association of College Unions International, is another conference for college clients. In this conference, SuperGames showcases themselves to campus union directors, and other individuals who work at campus unions and student centers. Many of the same colleges and universities are represented at the NACA and ACUI conferences, but the attendees are often from separate departments and have different event needs throughout the year. 

SuperGames Continues to Grow

SuperGames has been steadily growing business year-round, with big months being routinely sold out! Historically, these conferences are an important way to sell programs and get the SuperGames name out there. More recently, beyond selling new events and making new connections, the conferences have served as a way to keep in touch with current clients and establish a rapport in person! 

These conferences have been integral to SuperGames’ success. Beyond all of the amazing activities and equipment available, showcasing the SuperGames brand has been far more important. At SuperGames, the people make the difference. The friendly, charismatic staff representing the company at the booth are the same faces clients see at their event, year round. Anyone can provide an inflatable for an event. SuperGames shows conference-goers that they provide so much more; from their amazing staffing, to the turn-key event logistics, and the extra little things that make the difference, it is immediately clear what makes them stand out against the competition. 

If you find yourself at one of these many conferences, be sure to stop by the SuperGames booth and find out for yourself. We can’t wait to see you!