Safety Policy


At SuperGames, we view safety as the most important aspect of our business.  Our goal is to bring people together to share a positive experience.  This is only possible if everyone involved is safe and comfortable.  We have adopted a motto supporting this view.  “A Fun Event is a Safe Event”.

We have instituted multiple programs and policies to ensure that our clients and our staff are safe before, during, and after events.  We adhere to a comprehensive risk management policy.  Our rides are checked and certified by The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Ride Safety in accordance with Ohio Laws.  All of our staff are trained on the safe operation, set up and clean up of our activities.  We have standard operating procedures for every activity, including documented forms, to ensure each activity is ready for participants.

SuperGames has an impeccable safety record.  We pride ourselves in our professionalism and the safety awareness of our staff. As an extra precaution, our staff must complete a complete background check before they are eligible to work. Additionally, all of our full-time staff and event hosts, are required to obtain current CPR and First Aid certification. Many of our part-time staff also go through CPR and First Aid training with our full-time American Red Cross licensed CPR and First Aid instructor.


At SuperGames we like to ensure that each and every event runs smoothly from start to finish. And every great event requires the proper paperwork. As a result, our waiver forms are readily available for download for your convenience.


Ever wonder why some event planning companies cost so much more than others?

The answer to that question has much to do with the cost of insurance. In recent years, securing insurance for inflatable rides and extreme activities has become an ever-increasing expenditure. As a result, many event planning companies have consciously decided to conduct their business without such protection. This in turn, could put you in a great deal of financial risk. SuperGames takes pride in offering clients events that are both fun, but more importantly safe. This is clearly demonstrated by our impeccable safety record.

Each of our inflatables and rides are inspected and licensed annually by the State of Ohio’s Department of Agriculture.

Is your event outside the state of Ohio? No problem.

SuperGames will always take the necessary steps to adhere to each state’s safety standards. In addition, we maintain an extensive insurance policy that follows us wherever we go. Rest assured, SuperGames is fully committed to providing all clients with the peace of mind they deserve, so that every aspect of the event can be treasured.

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