Feb 08, 2024

Ride Safety & Maintanence

SuperGames Maintenance and Ride Safety

When it comes to Ride Safety, Ride Maintenance, and general upkeep of equipment, SuperGames has long been at the forefront of their industry. Safety has always been the number one priority for the company; one of the first values instilled into their staff is that “a safe event is a fun event”. One of the most important factors leading into safety is the upkeep and maintenance of their equipment and attractions; an effort that is ongoing year-round, every year. So what does this effort look like, and how does it make a difference? 

SuperGames Ride Maintenance

Throughout the year, SuperGames takes the time necessary to make sure their equipment is always top notch and ready to perform at every event. With a catalog of well over 350 activities, this equates to thousands of hours throughout the year! From cleaning, to maintenance, to inspections, this is certainly a full time endeavor, and one that is perpetually happening behind the scenes! Employees spend hours during the week prepping attractions prior to events, as well as additional cleaning efforts before, during, and after events! 

Everything needs maintenance to stay in great shape year after year. SuperGames is committed to the effort required to maintain their products and provide clients with the best. From scrubbing and vacuuming inflatables, to replacing the Zipline cables, everything gets the care it needs throughout the year! Because SuperGames goes above and beyond by inspecting their equipment before every event, they are always sure that the activities are in safe shape! These standards surely set SuperGames apart as one of the best in the industry!

What Kind Of Maintenance Does SuperGames Conduct? 

Hard rides, including the zipline, ballistic swing, climbing walls, pirates revenge and cyclone ride go through strenuous upkeep to not only provide the best product, but also to uphold to state inspection standards, receive applicable licensure, and abide by Tyler’s Law (see more below). Cable replacement, seat belt and harness upkeep and replacement, joint lubrication, fatigue analysis, hydraulic fluid levels, battery supply are among a laundry list of maintenance efforts! SuperGames is fortunate enough to have the warehouse space to keep these rides indoors and out of the elements when they are not in use, greatly increasing the longevity and appearance of their rides!

Inflatable rides, like bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses are also maintained throughout the year. In fact, these are spot cleaned at every event! During the year, they go through vigorous cleaning efforts, dubbed “inflatable palooza” by the SuperGames team, where these activities are deep cleaned inside and out, top to bottom, and receive other necessary maintenance such as tether replacement, seam repair, and accessory replacement (new bungees, new harnesses, new balls,etc.) All inflatables go through state inspection and licensing every year, just like the hard rides! 

Interactive Activities go through various degrees of specific maintenance and upkeep. One of SuperGames’ most popular activities, the Iceless Ice Rink, goes through hundreds of hours of maintenance each season. From power washing the rink to keep it looking shiny and new, to replacing skates, and even sharpening skate blades every single event. Of course, nearly all interactive activities take upkeep of some form! From greasing bearings and rotating wheels on the roller rink skates, to calibrating laser tag blasters, there is always important work to be done around the warehouse, and SuperGames doesn’t overlook a single detail!  

SuperGames Ride Safety

Owners of amusement rides must apply for a yearly permit through the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture).  The ODA will only issue a permit if the owner has submitted a completed application with inspection fees, provided proof of insurance, provided an itinerary of where the amusement ride will be operating, and proof that the ride has undergone and passed an initial inspection.  This is a process SuperGames adheres to every year for nearly every activity they own! Along with getting equipment licensed and inspected, SuperGames must also keep compliant with “Tyler’s Law”.

“One of the key changes implemented by Tyler’s law is an owner’s obligation to complete a fatigue and corrosion review. These reviews are additional safety inspections to help prevent accidents from occurring. Owners of any type of amusement ride must ensure that their ride meets the manufacturer’s requirements for inspection and testing and that the ride conforms to accepted engineering standards and practices. In addition to meeting a manufacturer’s specifications or accepted engineering standards, owners of Intermediate Rides, Towers, and Roller Coasters must also conduct a visual inspection of their ride looking for signs of fatigue and corrosion.  If fatigue or corrosion are found, the owner must discuss the findings with the ride’s manufacturer or a registered engineer and implement any suggested mitigation strategies.  Once an owner has completed their visual fatigue and corrosion review, the owner must document the findings and provide the ODA with a copy.  All documents must be maintained for the life of the ride and provided to any subsequent owner.  If an owner fails to implement and follow the suggested mitigation strategies, the ODA can immediately shut down the ride.” 

Safety at SuperGames 

Our emphasis and commitment to ride safety and maintenance cannot be overstated. This is not only apparent with how we prepare for events, but it is evident with how SuperGames runs their events as well! Quality in every detail! All of our professional, friendly staff are background checked and receive proper training for supervising inflatables, rides, and other attractions at events, ensuring our clients and guests are always in safe hands! Training is in depth and documented throughout the year! Full time staff receive additional Host Training, including how to properly inspect all attractions at their events. And, of course, SuperGames is on the road all the time- driver training is conducted for all full time employees and event drivers, which includes properly and safely driving trucks and trailers, trailer load safety, and distracted driving among others.