May 11, 2021

Portable Zipline

The Portable Zipline Is a SuperGames Staple!

SuperGames is an industry leader in mobile events in the midwest, specifically in Ohio and neighboring states. Offering over 300 activities and many more novelties, there is fun for nearly any occasion! From inflatable fun, to interactive thrills, SuperGames has a plethora to offer. Of all the fun and games one item remains a favorite of both clients and staff.

Popularity Contest Results: The winner is… Portable Zipline!

The SuperGames Portable Zipline’s are a yearly favorite among all SuperGames’ clients and their guests. Colleges, Churches, Cities, and Corporate clients, alike, all LOVE the portable zipline experience. Such a hit, in fact, that many clients book it every year! The demand and popularity of this extreme activity is enough that SuperGames offers TWO portable zipline experiences to meet their demand. The first zipline was added to the SuperGames inventory back in 2012. It really helped distinguish the company as more than a backyard party renter. The first portable Zipline became such a hit, that a second one was purchased in 2015. A true event “Centerpiece”, this activity is highly sought after and both units regularly go out every weekend of the spring, summer and fall! So what makes this item so hot?

35’ tall. 300ft long. Speeds up to 25mph!

The portable zipline is a fantastic item to drive in traffic for your event! Guests see “Portable Zipline” and are immediately intrigued by the idea of this adventure-based activity. This experience allows participants to take on the allure of Ziplining right in their community! It is truly a special experience for those who have only seen this type of activity offered at vacation resorts, or depicted in pop-culture. To be able to do it right on your school campus or city park is such a special opportunity, and a reason this mobile unit gets so much attention!

How it works:

The SuperGames Portable Zipline is a trailer unit ready to be transported directly to your event space! Manufactured by Extreme Engineering, the Zipline is a Two-Piece construction, consisting of the tower and the decelenator attached together by the Zip Lines themselves. The Decelenator, which is the end of the ride, will detach from the main trailer. The trailer is then pulled forward to the tower destination. The lines, already attached to the decelenator, are then attached to the tower. The tower is erected upright and secured. The lines are tensioned, and the zipline is ready for action!


Where can we try it?

SuperGames’ ziplines can come directly to your community! For general public use, they are seen regularly at city festivals in the summer, as well as at fan tailgates with SuperGames’ NFL clients. Wherever you see a large SuperGames event, you are likely to see the Zipline and many other great interactive activities. The best part is that nearly everyone can try! With two lines, up to two participants can ride at any given time and an average of 80-120 participants per-hour! Great throughput for your event! Participants can range from 45lbs to 250lbs to safely ride, offering great flexibility for your community and a great activity for all ages!

SuperGames hopes to thrill you with their zipline soon!