Sep 30, 2021

Portable Roller Rink

SuperGames Portable
Roller Rink is Finally Here!

SG has added a brand new item to their catalog! Enter the portable roller rink experience! Bring the fun of a roller rink directly to your campus, school, or office! Complete with a full set of roller skates, roller rink floor, and staff to setup, operate & tear down this new activity is great for all ages.

The roller rink has been on the SG “wish list” for a few years. The time was finally right to start offering this great activity! Roller Skating has long been a fun interactive activity, and it has recently made a resurgence in popularity. Now anyone can bring this activity straight to them!

Fun Anywhere

The portable roller rink is just that: Portable! SuperGames will load up and bring this experience directly to your event location. Inside, outside, no problem! The rink is pieced together right on your event site, and all that is required is a level, sturdy surface to set up on. Smaller 4x4ft rink pieces are snapped together to form your larger, complete roller rink, meaning this activity can fit in nearly any event space!

Dimensions and Space requirement for Portable Roller Rink?

SuperGames requires a level, sturdy surface, but can piece their rink together to fit nearly any space! The maximum surface area offered is a 40ft wide by 64ft long, but the width and length are customizable for your unique event space. This roller rink comes complete with skates ranging from children size 8 up to adult male size 13. This is truly an activity that is great for nearly any age and experience level!

Great indoor actitivity!

The roller rink is especially great for indoor use; turn the lights down and make it a party with neon lights and accent lights around the rink. SG recommends pairing the rink with other amazing attractions like the Pixel Play, Vault, Atari Pong, LED furniture, and much more to really capture the feel of a classic roller rink and arcade experience.

How can we book?

The portable roller rink is booking now! Bring it to your campus or party by requesting a quote today!