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SuperGames Indoor Pickleball Courts

Our indoor Pickleball Courts are state of the art textured surfaces with permanent nets. Perimeter netting around both courts allows fast ball retrieval and rapid play. The building is heated and air conditioned with plenty of space on all sides of the courts. 

 Our Pickleball Courts are located at:

SuperGames – 6580 Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229

We follow all the USA Pickleball Health & Safety Guidelines. Click here to find out more! https://usapickleball.org/play/health-safety/

3 Ways to Play Pickleball at SuperGames

1. Private Group Reservations

Schedule your group for a specific date and time each week. Here are the 2022 Pickleball Sessions/Fees:

Monday – Friday

  • 7:00AM-9:00AM – $110
  • 9:30AM-11:30AM – $120
  • 12:00PM-2:00PM – $120
  • 2:30PM-4:30PM – $120
  • 5:00PM-7:00PM – $140
  • 7:30PM-9:30 – $140

Saturday & Sunday

  • 7:00AM-9:00AM – $140
  • 9:30AM-11:30AM – $140
  • 12:00PM-2:00PM – $140
  • 2:30PM-4:30PM – $140
  • 5:00PM-7:00PM – $140
  • 7:30PM-9:30 – $140

To reserve your group, you will receive a contract from SG and pay online.

Why SuperGames? What our guests have said…

  • Guaranteed the same time and day each week
  • SG doesn’t charge a yearly membership (as their competitors do)
  • We don’t have to wonder if the facility will be available since others only allow you to schedule a few weeks out
  • We like the exclusiveness of being the only ones in the facility and SG follows all COVID protocols
  • SG allows 30 mins in between groups for cleaning

2. Open Play Sessions

Our Pickleball Courts are available for Open Play as well, click the link below to view our Open Play sign ups! Cost is $12 per person, pay online and have a guaranteed spot for that date and time.

  • Open Play participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Click below to check our availability!

3. SuperPickle Clinics

Our teaching professional, Suzanne Bernstein, is both IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Assn) and PPR (Pickleball Professional Registry) certified. As a playing professional, she has placed in WDS, MXDS and SGLS Pro events. Currently, she has a world/national ranking in Women’s Sr Pro Singles and is sponsored by TMPR Sports and SuperGames.

Clinics – 1 1/2 hours plus additional 1/ 2 hour of optional play

Pickleball Intro and Refresher Clinic $40 pp (includes court fees) Max 7 players, any age

This is the perfect clinic for both new players and players who have played but have never had any professional instruction. If you want to learn proper stroke technique and simple techniques to improve your game or are frustrated you don’t seem to be improving, come join us! We will focus on the basics – from correct grip, foundation strokes (yes – dinking!), scoring, to basic strategy. Anyone who plays, but has never had a lesson, can benefit from this class. TMPR Demo paddles will be available for anyone who does not own a paddle or would like to try something new!

Course Overview: Intro, Equipment, Safety, Grips, Warm-up Exercises, Basic Stroke Instruction (Dinking, Ground Strokes, Serving), Scoring Review & Practice, Summary, Q&A, Homework! …1 /2 hr of Optional Play.

Pickleball for Intermediate Players $40 pp (includes court fees) Max 7 players, any age

If you have been frustrated by your lack of improvement, want to take your game to the next level, or want to prepare for tournament play, this class

will help! Come improve your shot skills and shot choices, learn tactical game strategy and incorporate drills into your practice to advance your game. Come experience your “game epiphany” – you’ll find the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference! The more we learn, the more fun we will have! TMPR Demo paddles will be available for anyone who would like to try something new!

Course Overview: Intro, Safety, Warm-up Exercises, Tournament Warm-up, Stroke Review & Practice, Doubles Game Strategy, Q&A, Summary/Overview, Let’s Play Games! …1 /2 hr of Optional Play

Drills & Skills Clinics

$40 per person (includes court fees) or Purchase a Series of any 4 for $145 per person

Max 7 players, any age 

Most players don’t take the time to drill and work on all the shots they need to have the “total package” of skill sets to become better players. Pick and choose which Clinics will strengthen your game or take the entire series and work your game to the next level!  Separate clinics will focus on specific shots and drills to learn consistency and confidence to use them when you play. We will focus on Drills and Skills for 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of Play to use the shots we drilled. Players are welcome to stay and play for an additional half hour after the clinic. The Series line-up is as follows:  (Please note that there is no order necessary in taking these clinics and you can take a clinic more than once when purchasing a Series package) 

Drills & Skills Clinic A – Dinks, Dink Volleys, Dink Lobs 

Drills & Skills Clinic B – Punch Volleys, Resets, Overheads 

Drills & Skills Clinic C –  Serves and Returns, Ground Strokes 

Drills & Skills Clinic D – Drop Shots, Transitioning from back to front court

Drills & Skills Clinic E – Doubles Game Strategy – Intermediate Level

Drills & Skills Clinic F – More Skill Work & Game Practice – Beginner/Advanced Beginner Level

TMPR Demo paddles will be available for anyone who does not own a paddle or would like to try something new!

Private and Semi-Private Lessons – 1 hour

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are available by request, Monday through Saturday. Prices are $65 per Private Lesson and $40 pp for Groups 2-7 people. Prices include court fees. Please call or text Suzanne Bernstein at 614-395-1454 to schedule Monday through Saturday.

Playing Lessons – 1 1/2 hours

Playing lessons are perfect for 3 players who simply want to play and work on strategy as a team or a group. This requires 3 players – Suzanne will play as your 4th. $40 pp – Price includes court fees. Please call or text Suzanne Bernstein at 614-395-1454 to schedule Monday through Saturday.

“Mixed Social” Lesson & Play Sessions – 2 hours (Select Friday Evenings Only) Max 8 players

We can tailor a mixed social or couples lesson for 8 people. This will include 1 hour of instruction and playing drills followed by a 1 hour group Round Robin! This is a great way to start your weekend ….sign up solo or plan to do something fun with your mixed friends or partner!! Price is $30 pp for 2 hours play, court fees are included.

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"SuperGames is truly the best indoor Pickleball facility in Ohio. I travel nationwide to play, and I've yet to find courts that compare to these. SuperGames offers great value, excellent lighting, permanent nets, reserved time slots and importantly, ample court space to play!"

Suzanne Bernstein, Touring/Ranked Pickleball Professional

“If you are looking for a place to play either “Open PB” or want to play with your “own group”..look no further than Super Games!Two of the nicest DEDICATED PB courts with large nets between courts! You can see the lines and don’t have to worry about other courts balls coming onto your court. I would recommend anyone to play here. They won’t disappoint!"

Don Cordle