Scarecrow Slide

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The Scarecrow Slide is perfect for any event, especially your Fall Festivals! This 20-foot fall themed slide is great for all ages and it will surely be a hit! It will be a blast for kids and look fantastic at any event! Add this with Bobbing for Apples, Caramel Apple Bar, Corn Maze and many more Fall attractions to create the best Fall party around!

For information on booking the Scarecrow Slide, please contact our office.

Scarecrow Slide

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    Hardscape: Asphalt/Concrete; Interior: Concrete/Carpet/Wood; Softscape: Grass/Lawn/Mulch

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    Fall Events

  • Ages

    3 to 12

What People Are Saying About Us

Everything was perfect! Your crews are the most professional I have worked with – on time, efficient, and professionally dressed. Noticed and appreciated!
And thanks for bringing the pumpkin flags. Those were a nice touch.
Looking forward to chatting about 4th of July and next years Pumpkin Glow soon.
Thanks for everything.
Derrick McPeak

City of Westerville

SuperGames is the place to go for any festival need. On time, efficient, and professional!

Derrick McPeak

City of Westerville

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