Leaps and Bounds


The Leaps and Bounds Big Red Balls inflatable is a great activity taken from the popular TV show, WipeOut. The Big Red Balls challenge participants to maintain balance while making forward progress across the balls. One misstep on the Big Red Balls and participants will tumble into the zero shock absorbency crash area around the balls. If you like Leaps and Bounds be sure to check out some of our other games based off the shows Wipeout and America Nina Warrior: Patriot Games, Meltdown, Kapow, and Toxic Drop

Leaps and Bounds is 39’W – 21’D – 12’H

For information on booking Leaps and Bounds, please contact our office.

Leaps and Bounds

  • Categories

    Interactive Play

  • Surfaces

    Hardscape: Asphalt/Concrete; Interior: Concrete/Carpet/Wood; Softscape: Grass/Lawn/Mulch

  • Locations


  • Times of Day


  • Seasons


  • Number of Players


  • Type of Events

    Cities; Summer Events

  • Ages

    12 to 18