Indoor Pickle Ball Courts in Central Ohio

SuperGames Indoor Pickle Ball Serves a Growing Community: 

The doors are open, the nets are up, and the anticipation is over. An indoor pickle ball option is here! With a rapidly growing pickle ball population in central Ohio, it seems that a dedicated indoor option is just what the community needed! SuperGames indoor option takes pride in fulfilling those needs, and giving their clients a safe, clean, and personal experience.


What the heck is Pickle Ball?: 

Pickle ball may be one of the most popular sports you have never heard of. What is it? Although it has been around since the 1960s, a more recent boom has made it one of the fastest growing sports in America. In fact, over 3 million people now enjoy the game and that number is on the rise! Pickle ball is a sport similar to tennis. However it is played on smaller courts with lower nets, and players utilize paddles and wiffle balls. And there are official pickle ball rules, too, of course! The end product is a game that is accessible for all ages and ability levels. So why the need for an indoor option?

Options Limited, Demand on the Rise!

If you go to any park around Columbus with tennis courts, you will no doubt see a group playing pickle ball. Though it may look like tennis at first glance, if you take a closer look you will see many people convert these courts into their preferred game. They do this by taking down the net in exchange for a lower one, and drawing their own zone lines for the new boundaries. The game has gained such popularity that many places have adopted hybrid court systems which already have lines for both tennis and pickle ball. Any given day people will take their game outside in the masses. But what happens in the Winter when the courts turn icky and it is too cold to enjoy the outdoors?

Enter the SuperGames Indoor Pickle ball Facility: two courts dedicated specifically to the sport inside an over 3800sqft playing space, it is one of a kind in the Columbus Area! With a fully booked schedule over the first months of business, it seems as though this is the indoor option Columbus groups have been waiting for! But what is so revolutionary about an indoor playing area?

Indoor Group Pickleball

The SuperGames Indoor Pickle ball facility is in a class of its own for multiple reasons. Many indoor options are made to serve a multitude of paddle sports, whereas SuperGames has created a space solely for the use of pickle ball. With two courts dedicated specifically to the sport with regulation court dimensions and net heights, as well as a state-of-the-art ball shooter, paddles, and balls. This is truly intended to serve the Pickle ball Community with a facility they can call their own! On top of everything else, there is a “bubble” system utilized to create a sanitized, safe area for groups among the threat of COVID-19.

What about Covid? Bubble Model Keeps Things Safe!

Groups wishing to play are able to utilize the Bubble System enforced by SuperGames. With a 2-hour time block, groups are able to reserve the entire facility for their group of 10 or less. That is right, the entire facility for your private group, no outside groups present during your reserved time block!

Groups will also be able to utilize a zero-contact entry and exit; between sessions, the entire facility will be sanitized to ensure each new group is entering a clean and safe activity area. With netted dividers separating the courts from the rest of the indoor facility, it is easy for players to track when and where they should be masked up: on the courts playing means masks can be pocketed, while masks and social distancing are required when off of the playing area. With third party player-ambassadors to help be in charge of opening, closing, and enforcing these safety and cleaning guidelines. SuperGames believes this is a truly one-of-a-kind, community-oriented experience unlike any other. 

I want to try!

Sign ups are ready now! Rent for time blocks ranging from 7am-9:30pm. 6 groups every day for 2 hour blocks, leaving 30 minutes between groups for cleaning house. You can call in to reserve your own group experience!