Nov 30, 2020

Iceless Ice Rink Returns to Marysville

Winter Events:

Iceless Ice Rink Returning to Marysville, OH again this year!

Winters in the Midwest can be tough; especially around Ohio where the weather can change seemingly at will. Where else can you realistically have sun, snow and rain within hours of each other, and temperatures that bounce around week-to-week? It is enough to drive any event planner crazy! Months of planning your winter fest only to be at the mercy of the forecast once your event approaches. Scrambling to move the event indoors or change dates is such a headache, if it is an option at all. So what now?!

Iceless Ice Skating: The Centerpiece of your next Winter Event!:

Our Iceless Ice Rink has completely revolutionized winter event planning. Made from a poly-synthetic material, the rink is pieced together in 4ft by 4ft sections to construct a rink that can fit in nearly any space, indoor or outdoor! Pieced together, a single rink can be upwards of 1400 sqft; double-down and combine two rinks to make a 2,500 sqft skating area! Being iceless, this activity can be used no matter the weather! SuperGames has hosted several “Winter in July” style events where participants can even skate in the summer heat! Event planners have loved the fact that they can book the Iceless rink, and not have to worry about event weather and other variables that can ruin other events.

Success Story: Marysville Ice Rink:

SuperGames services over 40+ Iceless Ice Rinks every winter between our three mobile Iceless Rinks. A true event centerpiece, there has been endless rave reviews from event planners and their guests, alike. In a more unique approach to supplying seasonal fun, some clients opt for a long-term install, as opposed to a single day of skating fun. In fact, the City of Marysville is looking to host their 3rd consecutive year of a long-term install in Uptown Marysville. With the help of their yearly sponsors, Marysville hosts a four-week-long Iceless Ice Rink for their “Merry on Main” event, which spans between Mid-December and the First week of January. For two straight years, Merry on Main has garnered a reputation as the place-to-be for families to have a festive night out, free of charge! To the pleasure of the city, parents and kids alike have been crazy about the seasonal attraction. With set “skate hours” posted for each day, participants have had the flexibility to come and go at their leisure in the past. In response to COVID and the need to keep distant in small groups, the city is requiring those wanting to skate to sign up online for open time slots. SuperGames and Marysville are expecting another amazing year with Merry on Main for 2020-2021.

Turn Key Events at your Fingertips:

Whether SuperGames activities are just a piece of your seasonal celebration, or the main attraction, there is one thing that remains consistent that keeps their clients returning for more: the turnkey service. SuperGames has long been known for the terrific staff present at every event, and those planning an event should also feel at ease to know that every detail is taken care of from the SuperGames end. Generators come complimentary for power needs. Skates are supplied to the guests, being sanitized and sharpened between users. The rink fence is decorated for festive appeal. Holiday music to liven up the mood. Same-day install and tear-down. Every detail is accounted for.

The more the Merrier: (other options)

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