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Portable Zipline

Our portable zipline (s) give thrill seekers of all ages the ultimate rush of zip-lining. Riders, two at a time, soar down our 220′ or 300′ portable zipline at speeds up to 25 miles per hour! The ONLY Ohio based portable zipline to go further than 100′. SuperGames’ portable zipline (s) can travel up to 300′. Check out a side by side comparison of the two models operating in Ohio below. We have the portable zipline on the right. We also have the model from Extreme Engineering that travels up to 300′. Our portable zipline is on the right and not at full length.  No other zip line product can be set up more easily or provide a safer, more controlled ride.

Our portable zipline is advanced, using engineered technology keeps participants safely off the ground. This portable zipline is designed specifically for the amusement industry, which demands fast cycle times and a safe method of descent.

The Decelinator™ keeps tension on the zip cords, keeping zip-liners safely up in the air. It safely lowers participants to the ground at the end of the ride and controls safety doors on the zip line towers.

If you want additional thrills, check out some of our newest products: Klime Wallz, Freefall Inflatable, Toxic Drop, and Kapow.

For information on booking the Portable Zipline, please contact our office.

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    Carnival; Extreme; Interactive Play

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    Hardscape: Asphalt/Concrete; Softscape: Grass/Lawn/Mulch

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    Cities; Colleges; Corporate; Sporting Events; Spring Events; Summer Events

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    12 to 18; 18+

What People Are Saying About Us

I really appreciate the partnership with you all!  Your crew is always great to work with and glad we were able to have you guys out this year.
Nate Sass

Detroit Lions

You guys are always a hit out at Pride Plaza and we really appreciate all of your help making Pride Plaza what it is!
Kyle Glaser

Operations and Conversion Manager, Detroit Lions

Friday was FANTASTIC! We had great weather and the attractions were extremely popular. Your team absolutely crushed it, like always!

Kailey Costabile

Miami University

I would like to take the time to Thank you and all your employees for doing a great job. Its nice when a small Village with a population of 2200 people can come together and have a great time. The thing that touches me the most is when I looked out in the field and seen all the kids. Party at the Park keeps growing every year and Super Games is a big part of it. So Thank you again!!!
Steve Hamilton

Village of New Boston

I absolutely love SuperGames. They are fun and easy to work with, and always have what our campus wants.

Jacqueline Sironen

Heidelberg University

Amazing experience working with SuperGames! We utilize them for various events and activities. The staff is incredible to work with and so helpful! Their team is attentive, flexible, kind and very professional. Could not have asked for more from SuperGames for our events!

Jennifer Lambdin

Ohio Northern University

SuperGames is a first-class operation – we LOVE them. Convenient and VERY easy to work with. Highly, highly recommend SuperGames for all your festival needs!

Kim Goodhart

City of Green

Love working with the entire Supergames team. Always well-planned out details and our students love interacting with all of the employees. A top-notch company and look forward to booking with them as soon as we can at NKU.

Tiffany Mayse

Northern Kentucky University

SuperGames are always ROCKSTARS! I have worked closely with SuperGames in the past 3 years on several different events – any where from Homecoming, SpringFest, Welcome Back events, etc. for our institution. Customer service is top-notch and are always willing to work with your budget while meeting your event needs. When working with SuperGames, I know when they come to campus, they will deliver and I have no worries. Highly recommend them!

Brittany Ferguson

University of Akron

I work at a college in Indiana, and we work with SuperGames often to host various events for our students. They are wonderful to work with! Zach is quick to respond, helpful in offering suggestions, and they are always on time and know how to set up, tear down, and keep our students safe. Thank you SuperGames!

Joseph Lepone

Earlham University